About Cherryshots - Cherryshots

My name is Duncan C Brown and I call my photography business 'Cherryshots'.

I have been taking photos on and off for over four decades. I ran the photography club at my school, bought my first car with funds gained from taking 'team' photos, and was photographic editor of the school mag.

Having had a reasonably successful career I have gaps where I should have taken lots of images and didn't... don't make the same mistake! The miner's strike when I worked in Sheffield, my time at The University of Leeds, all those times when I had access to 'stars' when I ran the first cable TV businesses in the UK. More recently as an Interim Manager (delivering strategic change to companies) when I was unable through my position to capture images which again I had easy access to which were interesting and intriguing - bullet holes in commuter trains for example!

My specialism, if you can call it that is reportage, event photography and whatever else takes my fancy - you be the judge!